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Bike Fit

Scenic Road Bike

When you purchased your bike, the salesperson most likely performed a very basic analysis to find a bike that was a proper fit for you. However, if you’d like to take your cycling to the next level, it might be time for our Certified Clinical BikeFit Specialist to do an in-depth BikeFit. BikeFits can take anywhere from 1-2 hours and go beyond the standard measurements of seat height and handlebar length. The vast majority of our patients who have done BikeFits report increases in speed and endurance, as well as decreases in pain while riding.

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“Several years ago I was experiencing increasing knee pain while cycling and eventually learned that poor bike fit was a major contributor. After several weeks of PT at Harada Physical Therapy to correct a strength imbalance, I received a bike fit from Erick H. The new riding position was surprisingly different and my knee became pain free and has remained so ever since. I go back to Eric for a BikeFit when I have a new bike and have been comfortable cycling for thousands of miles since the first fitting. A proper bike fit improves the cycling experience and reduces injury, do it!”

—  Arnie P.

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