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Massage Therapy

Not only is massage therapy an excellent way to reduce stress, improve circulation, and just feel amazing overall, it’s also a great way to supplement physical therapy for our patients. For our nonpatients, therapeutic massage can help to alleviate pain caused by tight muscles, and the increased bloodflow created by the massage helps to expedite the healing process.

Services Offered


Long, gliding strokes that promote circulation and relaxation of the muscles and the joints.

1 hour massage - $85


More intense, sustained pressure to targeted areas. Designed to get into the muscles, tendons and fascia – treats chronic pain.

1 hour massage - $85

Please note: Actual massage time is 50 minutes to allow 10 minutes for setup/cleanup

Pricing Specials
Image by Vincentiu Solomon
Introductory Price

Take advantage of this introductory price for first time massage clients. 


1 hour massage

Image by Léonard Cotte
Package of 3

Bundle and save!  Plan ahead and buy three 1-hour massages at a discounted rate.


$80 per massage

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Package of 5

Bundle and save!  Plan ahead and buy five 1-hour massages at a discounted rate.


$77 per massage

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1 hour massage

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