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Harada Physical Therapy Oak Harbor, WA has the staff, the skills and the technology to help you meet the physical and personal challenges of coping with illness, injury, post-surgical recovery, or chronic disability. Our comprehensive rehabilitation program consists of a wide range of therapy services in partnership with your health care provider. We can customize a plan of care designed to decrease your pain, improve strength and motion, and improve your life. Our staff is trained to rehabilitate a variety of conditions. Here is a brief listing of what we specialize in:


-Ankle Sprains                            -Pediatric Development
-Auto Injuries and Whiplash -Plantar Fasciitis
-Balance & Gait -Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
-Bursitis/Tendonitis -Sacroiliac Injuries
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -Sciatica
-Headaches -Scoliosis
-Herniated Discs       -Shoulder Pain
-Joint Replacement -Sports Injuries
-Knee and Ankle Injuries -Tennis Elbow
-Leg Pain -Tingling or Numbness
-Low Back Pain -TMJ (jaw pain)
-Muscle Strains -Wheelchair Evaluations
-Neck Pain

-Work-related Injuries

Treatment Procedures & Modalities:

-Cervical Stabilization                     -Rotator Cuff Programs
-Lumbar Stabilization -Therapeutic Exercise
-Spinal Mobilization -Vasopneumatic Ice
-Joint Mobilization -Ultrasound
-Manual Therapy -Laser
-Neuromuscular Re-Education -Neuromuscular Stimulation
-Soft Tissue Massage TENS
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